Karcher Rechargeable Window Vacuum FAQ’s

Little did we know when we published our review that it would provoke such a positive response and quite so many questions. In an attempt to answer some of those questions we have created this list of FAQ’s and answers from the most frequently asked questions we have received.

What detergent can I use with the Karcher window cleaner?
Simply use any detergent you wish. Karcher of course supply their own and suggest that you use theirs, however there is actually no reason to restrict yourself to that particular detergent. Your own choice is fine as long as it is liquid.

What else can I clean with the Karcher window vac?
It is perfect for shower cubicles, tiled surfaces of any kind and any kind of sealed surface like laminated tables.

How long does the Karcher rechargeable window vac take to charge?
Karcher state a 2 hour recharge time for the WV50 and our review findings tend to support that result, reviews from around the web also seem to suggest that this time is accurate.

How do I empty the Karcher window vac?
Emptying the vac is simplicity itself, just remove the small rubber bung in the tank and pour it straight down the drain. You can see it working in this video.

How does the Karcher window vac work?
It is essentially a hand held vacuum designed for fluid rather than dust, the thing that makes it work so well is the seal the head gets against the surface of the glass allowing it to dry the window completely with just one pass.

Where can I buy the Karcher window vac?
Take a look at our buying guide for more details but you can find it in just about any high street retailer or on their websites. Just be sure to read our buying guide first.

What is the best price for the Karcher window vac?
Well there is no real definitive answer to that but the best price we have found here in the UK is from
Screwfix Direct at £49.99
. Of course there may be opportunities for cheaper deals at eBay.


Buy From Ebay

New WV 70 Rechargeable Window Vac Karcher - Current price: £159.32

Karcher Window Vac Microfiber Cloths 2Pk (2.633-100.0) - Current price: £9.99

Karcher Home WV 70 Rechargeable Window Vac - Current price: £150.95

KARCHER 18650 Lithium WINDOW VAC 3.7v 2.0Ah WV2 50 55 60 70 PLUS BATTERY TABs UK - Current price: £7.59

2 x Karcher WV60 Window Vacuum Cleaner Glass Vac Cleaning Pads Covers Cloths - Current price: £5.89

Genuine KARCHER WINDOW VAC Cleaner Glass Cleaner 500ML 62953750 - Current price: £8.40

(Product data is refreshed every 10 minutes, approximately.)

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  1. The Karcher window vac is a one of a kind product that does what is says, you get crystal clear streak free finish on windows and any flat surface, also great for any spillage that you might have, my mother-in-law bought one and she loves it, i borrow hers and find it very easy to use.

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  2. Great review of such a great product. Karcher really hit nail on the head with this release. keep it up DIY People! :)

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